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Foxwood Dairy Goats and Poultry 

Over 30 Years of Champions

Homebred Champions

SGCH Foxwood M&M Mr. McCay (buck)

SGCH Foxwood Peanut M&M

CH Foxwood Mimi’s Macey

GCH Foxwood GB Calico Lady

CH Foxwood McCaylan (buck)

CH Foxwood Even Better

CH Foxwood Brutus-Onyx Olivia

CH Foxwood GMC Mademoiselle

CH Foxwood M-P Royalty (buck)

CH Foxwood Carbon’s Raven

SGCH Foxwood McCayla’s 3M Copy

CH Foxwood Magic’s Madison

CH Foxwood Pattycake

GCH Foxwood Cameo’s Last Chance

GCH Foxwood Miracle

CH Foxwood Cisco’s Gattlinn (buck)

CH Foxwood Honey Phantom

CH Foxwood Triton's Modesty

CH Foxwood Sam’s Felician (buck)

GCH Foxwood Genesis Passion

GCH Foxwood Strie’s India (Alpine)

CH Foxwood I’m Lucky Too

CH Foxwood Parker’s Fallon

CH Foxwood Rocky Top (buck)

CH Foxwood Champ’s O-Zark (buck)

CH Foxwood Esther’s Gambler (buck)

GCH Foxwood Tobia’s Ida (Alpine)

GCH Foxwood Champ’s Godiva

SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow

SGCH Foxwood Razputin’s Meri Popins

CH Foxwood Aesop’s Mega Milosh (buck)

SGCH Foxwood Copy's Mac Dixie

GCH Foxwood Piejar’s Marlena

GCH Foxwood Marvel's Seduction

GCH Foxwood Marvel's Sasha

GCH Foxwood Dark Matisse

GCH Foxwood Marvel's Sparkle

GCH Foxwod Battleship Penny

CH Foxwood Montage's Sir Newton (buck)

GCH Foxwood Marvel Marina

GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride

CH Foxwood Jock's Sunrise

CH Foxwood Jock's Sweetie Pie

CH Foxwood Majik Sugar

CH Foxwood Majik Sashay

CH Foxwood Montage's Panini

CH Foxwood Geneson's Phoebe

CH Foxwood Jock's Margarita

CH Foxwood Jock's Supreme*

CH Foxwood Jock's Selah*

CH Foxwood Marlin's Prime*

CH Foxwood Satine*

CH Foxwood Jock's Empress*

CH Foxwood Chip's Mischief*

CH Foxwood Tequila Sunrise (buck)*

CH Foxwood Jock's Legacy*

CH Foxwood LL Paloma*

CH Foxwood Summit's Special*

CH Foxwood Cobra's Jackpot (buck)*

CH Foxwood Genesis Sassafras*

(*pending CH)

Other Champions Finished or Owned

GCH Briarknoll Piejars’ McCayla

GCH Mini Rosa Max Bambi’s Velveeta

GCH Briarknoll Mac’s Raven

SGCH Signpine Razberri T

CH Mini-Rosa BA Rosalee

GCH ++*B Faith-Farm AG Genesis (buck)

GCH H-and-R McCayla’s Cameo

CH Honey-Bear Mentor’s Pansey

CH Signpine Treacle

GCH Regehrs Foxie Felicia BBK

CH Dale-Haven J’s Pure Gold

GCH Willow Run Fizz Brenna

CH Gnomeberg KV Kelsa

SGCH Deer-Trail 8 Valarian

SGCH Willow Run Prophet Trollie

GCH Willow Run Creole Ganya

GCH Willow Run Loverboy Sadie

CH Alpine-Valley Inspiration (Alpine)

CH Willow Run Vegas Vacation (Alpine)

CH Backcountry Sweet Heart

SGCH Kayloma DSL Rachel

CH Willow Run D. Brave Perjury

GCH Little Shepherd Mellie’s Bokai

CH Little Shepherd Bokai’s Bonnet

CH Little Shepherd Oda-Mae Brown

CH Violet-Star Cricket's Penelop

CH Hagler G Maxey

CH Hagler GDU Stoli

GCH Lil Mill Crk Tyee Lore

CH Lil Mill Crk Tyee Lomasi

CH Fox-Trot NSZ Willy (Saanen)

CH Fox-Trot TAS Trust (Saanen)

CH Fox-Trot TAS Velour (Saanen)

CH Pleasant Grove Jellybean Game (Saanen)

CH Little Cove TE Matrix