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Foxwood Dairy Goats and Poultry 

We kept "way too many" of our 2017 does! However, 13 of them earned restricted legs and six of them won Best in Show. We sold two with restricted legs as we had full sisters to each of them and ended up with a total of 13 yearlings, 11 of which have GCH wins. We showed five yearlings at the 2018 ADGA Nationals. The four shown in the Yearling MIlker class placed 5th, 6th, 9th, and 18th. One was shown as a dry in the Junior Yearling class and placed 5th. We sold 7 of the 2017 does as two years olds, which got us down to "only" 6 does that age. We showed (and later sold) three of them in 2019 spring shows and finished the championships on two of them (Phoebe and Margarita), while the third one (Sunday) was 4 x RGCH. We showed two more 2017 does, Supreme and Satine, in 2021 as 4 year old milkers. Both finished their championships. We sold Satine to another show herd in the spring of 2022,which left us with only one 2017 doe.  Then, in the fall of 2022, a friend was dispersing her herd, and we bought a doe of this age, Egret.

CH (pending) Foxwood Jock's Supreme 5/07/2017 Black roan; frosted ears

4-00 90 VEVE

S: +B Cobble's Valley Majik Jock

SS: ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man AI (son of SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow)

SD: CH Spring's-Meadow C.E. Java

D: GCH Foxwood Marvel's Sparkle 1*M 5-01 92 EEEE

DS: +*B Foxwood Meadow's Marvel

DD: Foxwood Amazin' Sexx Pott

DDS: SG +*B Kastdemur's Ain't He Amazin'

DDD: Foxwood Chek Saki 1*M 10-11 91 EEEE

Show: 1 x GCH; 1 x BJDIS

2020: 1 x RGCH,1 x BUOB, 1 x BUIS (206 senior does)

2021 ADGA Nationals: 15th Place 4 Year Old; 2 x RGCH, 1 x GCH

Supreme earned her restricted leg and went Best in Show at just 3 months old. Her full sister, one year younger, Sparkler, earned a restricted leg as a kid in 2018. Supreme freshened with a strongly attached mammary with good teat size and shape and a nice rear udder arch. Shown only one day as a 3 year old, she was Reserve Grand, Best Udder of Breed, and Best Udder in Show with 206 senior does being shown. She is a very stylish uphill doe.

CH (pending) Woest-Hoeve IE Egret       4/12/2017

S:  CH DKGH Ester's Typhoon Effect

     SS: SG +*B Wingwood Farm Tac's Typhoon  5-07 86 VV+

     SD: SG DKGH Cid's Emmy Ester  4-03 92 EEEE (Enferno granddaughter)

D:  GCH Woest-Hoeve Ibis

     DS: +*B Lakeshore ATL Intuition  

     DD: SG Iron-Owl Sand Crane 4*M  5-02 90 E+EE (Bluebeard daughter)


2022- finished her championship

2022 ADGA Nationals: 6th place 5-6 Year Old

Egret is a very deep dairy doe with a well-attached productive mammary. She has demonstrated her ability to transmit good qualities as her daughter, CH Frog Flat Mummins Message (sired by Woest-Hoeve TS Thunderbird) finished her championship as a 3 year old. One of the photos shows the rear udder of Egret and Message. Egret's pasterns are a bit weak as an aged doe; and her teats, though properly placed, are larger than ideal.