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Foxwood Dairy Goats and Poultry 


*Click on the buck's name to access his ADGA genetics pedigree 

Foxwood CVLM Summit 3/12/2019

S: *B Cobble's Valley A Lady's Man

SS: SG +*B Cobble's Valley All Fired Up AI 5-00 88 VEE

SD: GCH Cobble's Valley A Painted Lady 1*M 8-02 92 EEEE

D: CH Foxwood Jock's Sunrise

DS: +B Cobble's Valley Majik Jock

DD: Foxwood Marvel's Sequin 4-00 88 VEVV

Summit's dam finished her championship as a yearling milker. She has had two daughters to freshen. Daughter Summer was 5th place yearling milker at the 2018 ADGA Nationals. Daughter Sunrise was 2 x RGCH as a yearling milker.

Pictured are Summit's dam (Sunrise-left), a maternal sister (Summer- rear udder), and Summit at 1 year old. 

*B Foxwood Shallaley's Midas AI 3/16/2019

Young Sire Development Buck in 2019

S: SG +*B Bull Pine Candys Shallaley O' (Spotlight Sale buck)

SS: ++*B GCH Longman's Barnaby Amariah (Longman's Barnaby Buck son)

SD: GCH Cedarsage Candy O' Triple R 1*M (Cadillac Piejar daughter) 7-03 88 VEEV

D: GCH Foxwood Marvel Marina 2*M 2-02 87 VV+E

DS: +*B Foxwood Meadow's Marvel

DD: GCH Foxwood Peijar's Marlena 1*M 8-01 92 EEEE

*B Deep Creek Valmont Template 4/02/2019

S: SG *B Willow Run Enferno Valmont

SS: SG +*B Willow Run AT Enferno 5-02 88 +VE

SD: SGCH Willow Run Golden Vanilla 2*M 3-02 91 VVEE

D: SGCH Deep Creek MYS Teranda 2*M 4-06 91 VEEE

DS: *B Woest-Hoeve Mystery Man 4-01 90 VEE

DD: SGCH Cobble's Valley Majik Terra 4-01 90 VEVE

Pictures are of his dam Teranda.

Foxwood Jock's Lucky Lad 4/24/2019

S: +B Cobble's Valley Majik Jock

SS: ++*B SG Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man AI

SD: CH Spring's-Meadow C.E. Java

D: GCH Lil MIll Crk Tyee Lore 11 *M 2-01 84 +V+V

DS: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tyee

DD: Lil Mill Crk E Lisbeth 10*M 4-02 88 +EEV

Pictures are of his dam, Lore, as a 4 year old.

Little Cove TE Magic Matrix 2/14/2020

S: *B Wingwood Farm ARA Truckin East

SS: *B Wingwood Farm Tino Aramis 3-03 88 VEE

SD: SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tallahasee 10*M 2-03 90 VEEE

D: Ol' River Mill Aradell

DS: Foxwood Geneson's Geronimo

DD: Foxwood Montage's Macadelic

*B Foxwood Tyee's Providence AI 3/27/2020

S: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tyee

SS: SG ++*B Woest-Hoeve Royal Fortune 2-04 88 VEE

SD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Playtime Teasel 5-03 90 EEEE

D: GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride 3-01 89 VEVE

DS: +B Cobble's Valley Majik Jock

DD: Foxwood Hotmale-Paris Parade

Little Cove TE Tennessee Titan 4/15/2020

S: *B Wingwood Farm ARA Truckin East

SS: *B Wingwood Farm Tino Aramis 3-03 88 VEE

SD: SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tallahasee 10*M 2-03 90 VEEE

D: Wingwood Farm PM Thymesaticin

DS: Clarion Perfect Marathon 1-02 84 +VV

DD: SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tatum 11*M 2-02 88 VEEV