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Foxwood Dairy Goats and Poultry 

Photos April 28, 2013 Photos April 28, 2013 Sasha- 2 Yr Old (Marvel x Saki) 178535287 Sprite (Chekmate x Satin) 178535832 Sprite- 2 Yr Old (Chekmate x Satin) 178536026 Penelope- 2 Yr Old (M. Luther x Cricket) 178536901 Sparkle- 1 Yr Old (Marvel x SexxPott) 178535557 Sparkle (Marvel x SexxPott) 178536231 Candy - 1 year old (Marvel x Candace) 178533988 Candy (Marvel x Candace) 178534552 Saga- 1 Yr Old (Marvel x Satin) 178535403 Saga (Marvel x Satin) 178535404 Sagan- 1 Yr Old (Marvel x Satin) 178858586 Sagan (Marvel x Satin) 178858714 Oreo- 1 Yr Old (Marvel x Stripe) 178857445 Oreo (Marvel x Stripe) 178857384 Sequin- 1 Yr Old (Marvel x Saki) 178858038 Sequin (Marvel x Saki) 178858410 Sadie- 1Yr Old (Marvel x Stomper) 178860459 Malisse- 1 Yr Old (Darkness x Marlena) 178806904 Malisse- (Darkness x Marlena) 178806988 Matisse- (Darkness x Marlena) 178534734 Mistress- 1 Yr Old (Darkness x Mystery) 178807049 Miralda- 1 Yr Old (Darkness x Mystique) 178535202