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Foxwood Dairy Goats and Poultry 





AI BUCKS 2022-2023

2022 DOES

2021 DOES

2020 DOES:

*Foxwood Genesis Sassafras

*Foxwood LL Party

2019 DOES:

*CH (pend) Foxwood Chip's Mischief

*Foxwood Marvel's Pristine

*CH (pend) Foxwood Jock's Legacy

2018 DOES:

*CH (pend) Foxwood Jock's Selah

*CH (pend) Foxwood Marlin's Prime

2017 DOE:

*CH (pend) Foxwood Jock's Supreme

2016 DOES:

*CH Foxwood Jock's Sweetie Pie

*CH Lil Mill Creek Tyee Lomasi

2015 DOE: 

*GCH Lil Mill Crk Tyee Lore




Foxwood Farm Dairy Goats and Poultry

Paul and Melinda Fox

1960 Old Jonesboro Road

Chuckey, TN 37641

423- 426- 6094

[email protected]

Herd Background

The Foxwood herd of Nubians began in 1988 and over the years has produced 57 champions. The animals that formed the foundation were purchased from Mrs. Frances Hudson of Knoxville. These included GCH Briarknoll Piejar’s McCayla and GCH Briarknoll McCall Raven. Raven was a daughter of McCayla’s littermate brother (McCall). Today (2022), every doe in the herd and most of the bucks descend from McCayla. Other does purchased over the years which have had major influences on the herd include CH Kismet Sexx Pott, Dale-Haven J’ Black Diamond, Dale-Haven ORG Serenity, and GCH Regehrs Foxie Felicia BBK.

Herdsires that were purchased and have impacted the herd include CH *B Faith-Farm AG Genesis, *B Faith-Farm GS Samaritan, Dale-Haven ORG Stratus, Willow-Run Chekhov, *B Kastdemur’s Aesop, and *Kastdemur’s Ain’t He Amazin’. AI sires of note include ++*B Cadillac Piejar, GCH ++*B High Caliber Marvin’s Big Max, GCH ++*B Kismet Marvin’s Smooth Operator, Gasconade Jannetter Donegal, and Capricorn-Three MT Chippendale.

A few of the most noteworthy does bred during our first 25 years (1988-2013) includes descendants of foundation doe, GCH Briarknoll Piejar’s McCayla: CH Mademoiselle, CH Peanut M&M, CH 3M Copy, GCH Faye Lee Meadow, CH Madison, and McKenzie. CH Mademoiselle, who placed 2nd as a 4 year old at Nationals was out of GCH Briarknoll Piejar’s McCayla and sired by CH Faith-Farm AG Genesis. McCayla’s daughter sired AI by GCH High Caliber Marvin’s Big Max, CH Peanut M&M, was 6th place yearling milker at Nationals; and Peanut’s daughter, Walnut, was 2nd place yearling milker at Nationals. Walnut’s sire, CH Foxwood Royalty, was out of CH Kismet Sexx Pott and sired by CH Foxwood McCaylan. McCaylan was a son and grandson of McCayla. He was sired by an AI son of McCayla (Smooth Talker, sired by GCH Kismet Marvin’s Smooth Operation). Another McCaylan granddaughter CH Madison was 3rd place/2nd udder as a yearling milker at Nationals. Most of our does today descend from Cobble's Valley Majik Jock, who was sired by a son of CH Foxwood McCaylan (++*B Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man).

McCayla was bred to her son/grandson, McCaylan, to produce daughter, CH 3M Copy. Copy was our first doe to appraise 92 EEEE and was the dam of our spotlight sale consignment buck. GCH Meadow EX91 and CH Marlena EX92, both of which have several descendants in the herd, are out of 3M Copy daughters. 


The highlight of the year was Mischief's placing 1st with 1st udder 3 year old at the ADGA National Show. We showed 3 other does at Nationals and they placed 3rd, 12th, and 15th. In 3 weekends of local showing, the senior does were 5 x BDIS (Sweetie Pie, Legacy, and Mischief), 8 x BOB, 4 x GCH (Legacy and Pristine), and 4 x RGCH. Four junior does (Lila, Elise, Lovely, and Spice) earned restricted legs, going 4 x GCH and 2 x RGCH. We were excited to finish the 57th Foxwood champion this year, Foxwood Jock's Legacy. Needing a break showing and traveling to the Nationals, we ended the show season in mid-July. 

Poultry: we sold most of the chickens this year and kept a few Orpingtons and Cochins. We were able to hatch about 25 brown and buff African geese.


Fortunately, our herd was scheduled for linear appraisal on the first day of the 2021 appraisals, May 10. Sixteen senior does (15 Nubians and 1 Saanen) were appraised. Seven of the does were two year olds. We were pleased that half the does (8) scored excellent and that the overall herd average was 89.

A week later, our show season began. We were able to attend shows during four weekends in late May and June and finished the championship of 7 animals: 5 Nubian does, 1 Saanen doe, and 1 Nubian buck. Nine junior does earned restricted legs (8 Nubians and 1 Saanen). Senior Nubian does were shown in 13 rings and were 10 x GCH, 10 x BOB, 4 x RGCH, and 2 x BDIS. One Saanen senior doe was shown in 2 rings and was 1 x GCH and 1 x BOB. We showed one yearling Nubian buck in 6 rings, and he finished his championship going 3 x GCH, 3 x BOB, and 2 x BBIS. Nubian junior does were exhibited in 10 rings and were 8 x GCH and 5 x  RGCH.  Eight juniors earned restricted legs. Our only Saanen kid was shown one time and was GCH, receiving a restricted leg.

We were able to take 10 does (7 seniors and 3 juniors) to the ADGA National Show in Louisville, KY, and were pleased with how they placed. All but one made the top 20 in her class. The three juniors placed 1st, 4th, and 5th in classes from around 45 to 60. The senior does placed 6th/3rd udder (Prime), 12th (Satine), 13th (Selah), 15th (Mischief), 15th (Supreme), and 20th (Lore) in classes of approximately 40 to 60. It was an exciting show as several herds from California, Washington, Oregon, and other western states attended the show, allowing us to see their nice does in person for the first time. We plan to attend the National show next year in Pennsylvania, which is where we attended our second national show back in 1993.


Shows were very limited this year, but we were able to get to show 3 weekends, earning "milking legs" on two-year-old Nubians Prime and Selah, yearling Nubian Satin, and four-year-old Saanen Game. Our only Saanen doeling earned her restricted leg at two months old and three junior Nubians were RGCH. Also, three-year-old Nubian doe, Supreme, was shown one weekend and was RGCH, BUOB, and BUIS (against 206 senior does). Our goal is to finish 50 homebred champions before we get too old to tend to goats! We didn't add to that number this year with the limited showing, so we are still at 46 homebred champions (44 Nubians and 2 Alpines).

We picked up a couple of young bucks descending from Wingwood Farm to merge with the genetics we added two years ago with the purchase of GCH Lil-Mill-Crk Tyee Lore and CH Lil-Mill-Crk Tyee Lomasi. We also kept an AI paternal half-brother to Lore and Lomasi out of GCH Foxwood Jock's Pride and brought in a buck (*B Deep-Creek Valmont Template) out of a granddaughter of SGCH Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man.

Poultry: We successfully hatched a variety of Cochins, Orpingtons, and Marans, as well as Brown African, White African, and Sebastopol geese. We also hatched a few lavender guineas!


Nubian senior does were shown in 15 rings during 4 weeks of showing in the spring of 2019. Four does (Lore, Lomasi, Phoebe, and Margarita) finished their championships. Yearling milker, Sunday, was 14 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, and 4 x RGCH. Two year old, Summer, was 1 x RGCH. Overall, the does were 12 x GCH, 12 x BOB, 5 x BDIS, and 9 x RGCH.


We had another successful year of showing as we finished five homebred Nubian does, making the total number of Foxwood-bred Nubian champions to 44! We also finished a Saanen doe we purchased from Fox-Trot (4 year old Willy LA 92 EEEE). With senior does, the Nubians were 9 x GCH , 9 x BOB, and 11 x RGCH; while the juniors were 9 x GCH and 2 x RGCH. We earned legs on 14 Nubian does. We only showed one Saanen, and she was 3 x GCH, 3 x BOB, and 2 x BDIS. We took a few does to Nationals where they were 3 x 5th, 1 x 6th, 1 x 9th, 1 x 11th, 1 x 15th, and 1 x 18th.

Poultry: We continued to raise several breeds of chickens and geese. We hatched and raised black, blue, splash, silver-laced, gold-laced, and blue gold laced Cochins; Ameraucanas,;Olive Eggers, Marans; black English Orpingtons; and silver-laced English Orpingtons. We continue to breed brown and white dewlap African geese and Sebastopol geese.


We sold 25 bred Nubian does in the spring (15 with GCH legs) and did not plan to do much showing in 2017. However, plans changed when we bought two aged Saanen does from Fox-Trot in May. We made it to several shows throughout the year. The two Saanen does were 9 x GCH, 9 x BOB, 6x RGCH, and 8 x BDIS! Both does finished their championships (they also appraised 92 EEEE and 91 EEEE in 2017). We didn't show Nubians at the early shows but brought them out eventually. The Nubian senior does were 5 x GCH, 4 x RGCH, and 6 x BOB, while the juniors were 8 x GCH, 4 x RGCH, and 5 x BJDIS. Also, we had two aged does appraised this year and both were 92 EEEE (GCH Matisse and GCH Sparkle). It was a good year!

Poultry: We hatched and raised some Olive Egger and Ameraucana chickens and added another breed of chickens this year- black copper Marans. The Marans are very docile and lay dark eggs. We love the colorful blue, green, olive, and dark brown eggs produced by the Olive Eggers, Ameraucanas, and Marans. We hatched a few silver-laced, black, blue, and splash Cochins this year.


The 2016 show season was long and tiring, but successful. We made it to 17 shows, showing senior does at all of them and junior does at 15 of the shows. The does were GCH 16 times, RGCH, 15 times, BOB 11 times, and BDIS 5 times. Four year old Sparkle and yearling Sunrise finished their championships. In all, 5 senior does and 7 junior does earned championship legs.

The herd is back on milk test for the first time since 1993! None of the does are milking at a Top Ten level, but most have milked at a level to earn stars and to gain AR records.

The does were linear appraised in May of this year. Five aged does were appraised and earned scores of 92, 91, 91, 91, and 90. The younger does also scored respectably. The highlight was 8 year old CH Marlena receiving a 92.

Currently, 37 Foxwood-bred animals have become permanent champions, with hopes that more will come! The current herd consists of 19 mature does, several dry yearlings and doe kids, and a lot of bucks. The herd includes 8 champion does and 18 does with 1 or 2 championship legs.

Poultry: We added black, blue, and splash Cochins to our flock of silver-laced Cochins. Also, we successfully hatched white and brown African geese.


2015 was another good year at Foxwood Farm. We showed more heavily and had good results. Three does finished their championships: Sasha, Matisse, and Penny. In all, the does competed in 13 shows, under 12 judges, and earned 14 legs. The senior does were Grand Champion and Best of Breed 7 times and RGCH 5 times. The junior does were 10 x junior GCH and 3 x junior BDIS. Eight junior does earned restricted legs.

We are excited about the new bucks we have brought in to continue our linebreeding or to give us new genetics. Our Begley's-Troubled-Acre buck is sired by *B Simple Life Farm Bulwinkle, who was linebred on Conquest and old Cadillac. Our J&M Hideaway buck descends from some of our old stock, is sired by a linebred Kastdemur buck, and brings in Saada genetics. Our outcross buck is Udderly-Southern Rockin Cherry. His sire is a Jacobs Pride buck.

Poultry: We purchased white African goslings from Lance Ewing in the spring and adult brown African geese from Ryan Gartman to add to our gaggle of geese. Our other brown Africans descend from geese purchased over the years from Harry Halbach, Duane Urch, and Mark Nelisse. (FYI- I purchased my first African geese in 1970.)

2014 ADGA National Show: Junior Championship Lineup

Sunshine- 2nd place Junior Kid

Spicy- 2nd place Intermediate Kid

Update ADGA Nationals 2014:

Showed 12 animals in classes with as many as 50 entries and had the following placements-

Penelope- 5th place 3 year old

Sasha- 7th place 3 year old

Matisse- 11th place 2 year old

Penny- 13th place yearling milker

Bull- 17th place yearling milker

Marilda- 7th place junior yearling

Aurora- 4th place junior yearling

Spicy- 2nd place intermediate kid

Sunshine- 2nd place junior kid

Precious- 7th place junior kid

Shira- 15th place junior kid

Best 3 Juniors- 4th place

Jr. Get of Sire- 3rd place